register bitcoin wallet for zarfund

open a bitcoin wallet for zarfundYou need to register a bitcoin wallet at  in order to register with Zarfund and make payments that is required for upgrade.  Zarfund  mandate that all new  registrants upgrade by making payment to their direct upline within 48 hour of registration. Failure to upgrade will lead to deletion of the account. It is in best practice to open a bitcoin wallet with and fund it immediately after registering with Zarfund.

Zarfund uses bitcoin wallet at  so that the platform can auto confirm all payments This effectively eliminate the need for manual confirmations and the plague of fake proof of payment that has plagued other peer to peer donation programs.

Follow the guide on how to register  Bitcoin wallet  at to delve into the world of cryptocurrency. website works best with Google Chrome browser. Launch  google chrome or download it if you don’t have it installed already

You will require an email address. Create a free email like gmail if you do not have any already.

  • Launch your browser and navigate to –
  • Click on Wallet on the top menuregister-a-block-chain-account-step-1
  • Click on create a new wallet buttonregister-a-block-chain-account-step-2
  • On the new page, type in your username and password and check the mandatory agreement checkbox. Click on continue.
  • A wallet address will be generated and sent to your email address. That is what you will use in your future logins -not your email address!
  • Login to your email, click on the Verify Email confirmation link and login to your account with the details provided in order to confirm your account. Click on receive icon and copy out your wallet address. This is what you will paste in Zarfund in order to receive donations.  register-a-block-chain-account-step-4
  • If you are not yet registered with Zarfund, Join the fast earners team here for accelerated growth..

Congratulations. You have just opened a bitcoin Wallet

Your make sure you keep your login details safe. Your bitcoin wallet is more like your bank account where your bitcoins will be kept.

You can follow the procedure here to secure your bitcoin wallet at